Viserys Targaryen as a young man


Born in 122 AC, Viserys was the second born son of his father, Prince Daemon Targaryen, and the fifth born son of his mother, Princess Rhaenyra Targaryen. As per Targaryen tradition, a dragon egg was placed in his cradle. Viserys was named after his grandfather, King Viserys I Targaryen.

Viserys had four older brothers; three half-brothers from his mother's first marriage, Jacaerys, Lucerys and Joffrey Velaryon, and one full-blood brother, Aegon. He also had two older half-sisers, Baela and Rhaena Targaryen, from his father's second marriage.

Viserys lived with his mother, father, brothers, and sisters on Dragonstone, his mother's seat as the Princess of Dragonstone. When his grandfather died in early 129 AC, Viserys and his family were thus away from the capital, since Rhaenyra was pregnant for the sixth time. This pregnancy led to the birth of Viserys's stillborn younger sister, Visenya.

The death of his grandfather sparked a war of succession between Viserys's mother, Rhaenyra, and his half-uncle, Prince Aegon, who was crowned King Aegon II Targaryen, despite Rhaenyra having been the heir to the throne.

In late 129 AC, at the behest of their half-brother Jacaerys Velaryon, Viserys and his older brother Aegon were sent to Essos aboard the Gay Abandon to be fostered by a prince of Pentos until their mother Rhaenyra secured the Iron Throne. However, the fleet of the Kingdom of the Three Daughters, who were allied with the greens and Aegon II Targaryen, captured the Gay Abandon during the voyage. Aegon flew away atop his dragon, Stormcloud, but Viserys had only a dragon egg. Remaining behind, the clever Viserys hid his egg and disguised himself as a common ship's boy, but his identity was revealed by one of the crew. A Tyroshi captain brought Viserys to Sharako Lohar, the Triarchy's admiral. Viserys's fate through the remainder of the Dance of the Dragons was unknown to his family, who believed he had died in the battle.

Viserys ended up in Lys under the stewardship of the wealthy Rogare family, whose bank at the time was as powerful as the Iron Bank of Braavos. Viserys was eventually wed to the family's eldest daughter Larra Rogare, despite her being nine years his senior.

During the early reign of Viserys's older brother, Aegon III, it became known in Westeros that Viserys had survived. He was recovered by Oakenfist, and after a huge ransom was paid to the merchant princes of Lys, he returned to King's Landing. Aegon had never forgiven himself for abandoning his brother during the Battle in the Gullet, and so Viserys's return was the only true joy he had in his reign. For the rest of Aegon's life, Viserys was the only person Aegon ever fully trusted.

Viserys came to King's Landing with his new wife Larra Rogare and several of her kin. The ambitious Rogare family soon became embroiled in the conflicts of the regency of Aegon III. Viserys and Larra had three children: Aegon (born 135 AC), Aemon (born 136 AC), and Naerys (born 138 AC). Unfortunately, Larra never felt happy at court, and in 139 AC, she left Viserys and their three children and returned to Lys, an experience that made Viserys stern. Viserys had Aegon and Naerys wed to one another in 153 AC, with Aegon III's blessing, while Aemon became a knight of the Kingsguard.

Equipment & Weapons:

A simple castle-forged longsword and dagger.