Veron Greyjoy was a member of and brother of "the Red Kraken". When Dalton Greyjoy took Fair Isle and , he claimed four daughters of Lord Farman as Salt Wives. A fifth daughter, whom Dalton considered "homely", was given to Veron.

After the death of his brother, Dalton Greyjoy, a war of succession broke out and the Iron Islanders bickered about who should be the new lord since the only issue he left were Salt Sons from his many salt wives. Veron knew he had to push his claim quickly before someone else was able to push the eldest salt son of Dalton, Urron Greyjoy. Veron challenged the strongest supporter of Urron to a duel to the death, and Veron fought their champion for a good 10 minutes before Veron finally was victorious. Veron had Urron put under house arrest to ensure he was safe and close. Veron waged a small war within Pyke with men of the household guard and such loyal to him slaughtering the men who were caught trying to organize a coup on Veron, by now however, Veron's rule has been stabilized and the Iron Islands for now are at peace.

Equipment & Weapons:

Castled-Forged Steel Sword, Bow and Arrow (Not Always) and a round shield.