Aemon was young and joined the at the age of seventeen in during the reign of his uncle, King Aegon III.

Prince Aemon has been referred to as the noblest knight who ever lived, and his skill with a sword is legendary throughout . Even over a hundred years after his death, he is a popular figure among the highborn and lowborn in songs, stories and fables. He bore the sword darksister, previously wielded by sister-wife , and Aemon's grandfather, Prince .

Songs speak of his doomed love for his brother's queen, his own sister, Queen . According to the singers, Aemon loved Naerys, and Naerys loved him. He supposedly cried when Naerys married their brother, and joined the Kingsguard shortly afterwards. According to the historians, Aemon and Aegon quarreled during the wedding feast and Naerys wept and sobbed during the bedding ceremony.

Aemon once fought Lord Cregan Stark . Prince Aemon claimed he never faced a finer swordsman.